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a uniform for our school climate mediators and school climate investigators

in 2023, our ngo will dress its school climate mediators and school climate investigators in a uniform designed and manufactured by the french group Mulliez-Flory.
in early 2020, the collaboration between the Mulliez-Flory and Campus Watch teams will begin, with two focuses: preventing ageism and comforting victims of school violence and cyber-violence.

preventing ageism (a discrimination based on age) is a necessity for the mostly young members of the ngo. ageism denies young mediators and investigators the right to give expert opinions, with a notable paradox: expertise climbs with the years and the actions carried out, while ageism does not diminish, it is not possible to age faster.
against ageism, the uniform brings soft authority and the idea that training related to mediation and investigation is ordered.

the soft authority is expressed to comfort the victims of school violence and cyber-violence to demonstrate that we are able to collect the word, listen and help all residents of educational communities.
the uniform is the carrier of a message, to show that something is happening, that a union is taking place for healthy and positive school climates.

the uniform is beige, a color that has been associated for years with humanitarian actions like the vests of humanitarian workers and journalists because the donut brings neutrality and adaptation.
the flag of planet earth, designed by the talented Oskar Pernefeldt, adorns both arms of the mediators and investigators as a symbol of universal citizenship because we do not act for countries, but for humanity without particular distinctions.

the recast logo of the ngo is visible on the chest, signed by the graphic designer Valérie Hoareau. it represents a circle of protection, unity and safeguard as if to surround the problems and solve them, the campus watch system assumes the role of witness and watchman.

the uniform bears other markers such as the three letters ngo, visible from afar, to identify our membership in this body of civil society and epaulettes to identify the coordinators in the presence of multiple mediators and investigators.

finally, the Mulliez-Flory group brings its expertise associated with a taste for elegance with the collar, which refines the uniform and enhances its wearer.

to train and dress its mediators and investigators, campus watch is inspired by the socio-community agents present in quebec schools.

Niels J. mediator, Rayan B. captain of mediators and investigators and Jacky P. chief of mediators and investigators.