campus watch is an ngo for healthy and positive school climates.

founded in 2012, campus watch is a non-governmental organization specializing in actions against school violence and cyberviolence for healthy and positive school climates.
we ensure children’s rights are respected during their schooling, through thorough monitoring.

since 2017, campus watch has collaborated with the united nations system through its special consultative status and its representatives accredited to united nations headquarters and offices in new york, vienna and geneva.

campus watch is active on a daily basis, with school climate mediators and school climate investigators working with children, parents and educators.

the school is a preview of tomorrow, it’s from early age that we must act for a positive and peaceful society. this is the founding principle of our ngo.Jacky J. pamartpresident of the committee

in a majority of countries, 20% of children are victims of school violence and 50% of children are victims of cyberviolence. in countries facing armed conflict, there are 24,000 violations against children, representing an average of 65 violations per day.

they talk about our actions.

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our highlights.

for ten years, we have been alongside schools to take action.
These moments spent with you, the volunteers, the partners and the educational communities forge our history.


Jacky Pamart publishes his book-testimony at the age of seventeen on his schooling marked by school violence.


Jacky Pamart, Avril Aillot and Aydan Kapisiz founded campus watch on the eve of their end-of-year high school exams.


creation of a trilogy of original short films with the help of french actors Patrick Bruel, Charles Berling and Antoine Duléry.


involvement in the creation of the first world day against bullying at school, filming of the documentary “souffre-douleurs“, to be broadcast in france, belgium, switzerland and canada.


the ngo is appointed ambassador of the french citizen reserve and member of the academic and national juries with the french ministry of education.


a special consultative status is granted to the ngo by the economic and social council of united nations.


creation of an unprecedented quantified survey on school violence and cyberviolence.


reading of 7 pleas and drafting of a global citizen convention for the improvement of school climates at the united nations.


celebration 75 years of the united nations creating the 24 goals for healthy and positive school climates.


campus watch wins the medal of the french national assembly for its diplomatic actions against school violence and cyberviolence. Filming of the documentary “à bonne école“, broadcasted in france.


after financial difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the consequent departure of its patrons, campus watch signs a manifesto and unveils its new programs.

two axes guide us : acting with schools for school climates and
monitoring and mapping schools and school climates

working with schools means deploying mediators to prevent school violence and cyberviolence, training students, parents of students and educators, aligning with the 24 goals for healthy and positive school climates. the 4 seasons method helps reaching those goals.
monitoring and mapping schools and school climates means offering states and the civil society a monitoring developed on 24 indicators for healthy and positive school climates. the 4 atmospheres method takes care of this thanks to innovative tools.

some of our advocates.

discover some of the people involved with us. they carry strong messages around themes associated with cyberviolence, disability, racism, equality between men and women, and indigenous peoples.

of course, we do not forget the mediators and the investigators. faces that you may not see but that punctuate our daily lives.

Jacky Pamart


Lara Doufils


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