campus watch is an ngo for healthy and positive schools climates with mediators, investigators and auxiliaries.

Founded in 2013 after a publication of a testimony book in 2012, Campus Watch is a non-governmental organization specializing in actions against schools violences and cyberviolences, and promoting healthy and positive schools climates.

We are guided by the legacy of Janusz Korczak and the testimonies and experiences of students, parents, educators and our members.

You can read the stories from the years 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 marked by encounters with multiple primary and secondary schools.

Since 2017, Campus Watch has held special consultative status with the United Nations economic and social council and designates accredited representatives at United Nations headquarters and offices in New York, Geneva and Vienna. 

To take action on daily basis, Campus Watch trains schools climates mediators, investigators and auxiliaries, and applices two innovative social methodes, the four seasons and the four atmospheres.

With a geomatic strategy designated to deploy our mediators and investigators, we act simultaneously in multiple primary and secondary schools to ensure territorial equity and correct spatial injustices in the districts.

Campus watch is administered by a committee made up of elected and co-opted members.

On a daily basis, it is an operating committee which manages the missions of mediators, investigators and auxiliaries, made up of experienced members.

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operating committee

Lenny Pamart



The chief of mediators and investigators coordinates programs and events in the districts.

You can recognize him by the green epaulettes on his uniform.

Lara Doufils



The spokesperson discusses current events related to the missions of mediators and investigators.

You can recognize him by the orange epaulettes on his uniform

Abdelilah Saghiri

Captain of investigators


The captain of the investigators coordinates the missions of the investigators and appoints the lieutenants.
You can recognize him by the purple epaulettes on his uniform.

Rayan Bouhsina

Captain of mediators


The captain of mediators coordinates the missions of the mediators and appoints the lieutenants.

You can recognize him by the yellow epaulettes on his uniform.

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we work with the districts and the district authorities.

For us, a district is an area made up of primary and secondary schools. A district can be a city, a community of cities, a department, a region, a province, a canton or a metropolis.