one symbol for two different approaches
a common base and 24 goals for healthy and positive school climates.

6 operational units were created to coordinate the two axes that guide us
using a vocabulary associated with natural elements. this how we chose to effectively alert when a climate is disrupted at school.


    in charge of managing the geographic information system, collecting and analyzing data.

    chief investigators and mediators responsible for coordinating units and volunteer talents.

    in charge of coordinating field operations carried out by mediators and investigators.

    in charge of protecting data and our people deployed in the ground.

    in charge of managing crises caused by major instabilities affecting school climates.

    in charge of developing sustainable social solutions for healthy and positive school climates.

approach one :
act with schools for school climates
with the 4 seasons method.

a unique method that supports schools thanks to 10 programs developed and tested for a decade.
the 4 seasons method is able to set up an assistance protocol for victims and to train mediators in school transportation. it also transforms the school playground thanks to colored quarters. it helps secure journeys between homes and schools thanks to co-trips. it deploys a captain for the changing rooms for sports sessions. it includes parents and grandparents and offering self-managed school justice by students.
the 4 seasons method is operated by the school climates mediators of the ngo and is based on an organization in four stages, four seasons to create healthy and positive school climates.

winter to defrost the first actions in order to learn about and understand the method.
spring to allow actions to bloom and giving life to the method.
summer let the actions taken shone into the light and take advantage of all the method’s programs.
autumn to evaluate and renew actions, thus understanding the benefits of the method.

our two methods will soon be available in a new application called climatology that was imagined by students, parents, educators and volunteers.

an app that won't use anyone's personal data but promises to be of great help for civil society and governments.

approach two :
monitoring and mapping schools and school climates
with the 4 atmospheres method.

an unprecedented method that offers real monitoring of schools and their health condition.
the 4 atmospheres method aims at mapping all the schools in the world, in open data and to propose an index of school climates by listing the instabilities that affect schools and their residents such as : ecological disasters, armed disasters, health disasters, school violence, sports violence and urban violence.
the 4 atmospheres method is operated by the ngo’s school climate investigators and is based on an organization into four indicators, four atmospheres to assess school climates.

very good atmosphere with policies deployed against instabilities.
good atmosphere with a quick resolution of the listed instabilities.
average atmosphere with slow resolution of listed instabilities.
bad atmosphere with a-non-existenting resolutions of the listed instabilities.