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the ceremony of tribute to the victims of the holocaust, to never forget

on january 27, the ceremony to honor the victims of the holocaust took place at the united nations office in geneva in the presence of delegates, survivors, united nations officials and ngos with special consultative status such as campus watch.

for the occasion, campus watch invited four students, Lily, Marie, Alexis and Fiona, who have distinguished themselves in their work and research on the second world war and who had just returned from a trip to the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp, accompanied by their teacher, Véronique.

campus watch has approached the nîmes association “ensemble”, thanks to this collaboration the students could count on the presence of 3 young people from the association, involved in local education with other young people from priority neighborhoods of the city.

after a moving ceremony punctuated by musical interludes and survivor testimonies, the campus watch delegation visited the archives of the united nations library.

the visit was led by Sébastien Vernay, who lingered on the shelves where the original nuremberg trial exhibits and minutes reside, to complete the students’ journey of memory, never to forget the horror.

watch the entire ceremony on united nations television.